Our Leadership Team

Adolfo Perez Duran - Founder & CTO/Chief Architect

Adolfo Perez-Duran is a software architect and senior software developer recognized for his ability to design and lead software development projects, from concept to deployment. His unique talent in artificial intelligence and data analysis are supported by his strong background in electrical engineering and mathematics.  Adolfo’s expertise stems from 20+ years of experience in artificial intelligence applied to network management and monitoring, large scale data collection and analysis. 

Prior to joining CyRetix was MEF’s Software Projects Lead where he led the transformation of the organization into a software-aware group. Prior to that, Adolfo was acted as Lead Data Architect at CableLabs where he led the software design and development of SDN and NFV research projects. He spent more than 14 years with Avaya, Lucent/Bell Labs where he became a Consulting Member of the Staff, became his department’s lead Architect and focused his energy and passion in the design and implementation of artificial intelligence applications for network management. 

Adolfo earned his Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Colorado, Denver in the area of mathematical foundations of artificial intelligence. His interests including entrepreneurship, decision making under uncertainty, machine intelligence, SDN, NFV and artificial intelligence applied to network management.

Miguel Alvarez - Founder & VP of Product Development

Miguel is a Software/Technology Product Development professional with over 20 years of experience in the field.  He has experience across multiple industries and keen understanding of Lean/Agile Product Development principles and practices.  With a strong background in Computer Science, Software Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and Networking, he has successfully led teams and organizations to deliver high quality technology that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Miguel served as Director of Architecture Business Technologies for the Cable Industry Research Consortium “CableLabs”.  There he led the design and specification of Carrier Ethernet Sales and Exchange automation systems and interfaces, among other responsibilities.  Prior to CableLabs, Miguel worked for over 15 years at Lucent Technologies/Avaya, and was Director of Product Supportability, and Director of Architecture for the Services Technology Strategy and Development organization. There he led the teams that designed and developed service automation and expert systems tools.  Before that he worked at Sandia National Laboratories in research on real time Satellite Ground Station software systems, and in Massively Parallel Computing.

Miguel earned his Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico.  He has extensive training and expertise in Lean Software/Product development, Software/Technology Leadership, Data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence among other areas.